Terms & Conditions



Independent station (cross-border e-commerce) service agreement:


Service provider:深圳市泓泰进出口贸易有限公司

User:Everyone who use the website


【1】 Service content


(1) Strategic diagnosis and consultation: e-commerce product selection and product system planning; Product pricing strategy; Marketing strategy planning;

(2) Store single service: business settlement, poster design, detail page design, home page design, whole store decoration, network market analysis, store copywriting, store diagnosis, professional customer service, commodity shooting, etc;

(3) Store operation and promotion: store decoration (vision, design, copywriting, putting on shelves) and store operation and maintenance (SEO optimization, price control, product management, etc.) conforming to the specifications of Wanyou mall; On site and off-site network marketing planning (SNS, forum, wechat, microblog marketing, etc.);

(4) Marketing information construction: enterprise portal development, wechat platform development, PC mall construction, wechat mall construction, and micro marketing construction. To help businesses settle in the Internet, to help Internet enterprises become e-commerce, to help e-commerce enterprises become whole network marketing;

(5) E-commerce Team Training: provide e-commerce training services from settlement to operation of Wanyou mall and other platforms;

(6) Overall e-commerce solutions: provide one-stop e-commerce solutions and software services for brands and retailers, and help them to get through the e-commerce sales chain.


【2】 Service items


Mall settlement, shop decoration, shop operation, website operation, SEO / SEM optimization, marketing promotion, mall construction, business consulting, overall hosting, consulting training, customer service outsourcing, art outsourcing, website planning, system development.


【1】 Qualification conditions

(1) It is a customs declaration and inspection company in Nanning, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen;

(2) With cross-border e-commerce import declaration and inspection platform function and logistics information;

(3) There are customs bonded warehouses at the open import ports of cross-border e-commerce.

【2】 Service items

(1) Record products on cross-border e-commerce platform with customs and entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau;

(2) Customs clearance and inspection of cross-border e-commerce products;

(3) Provide bonded warehousing services for cross-border e-commerce products;

(4) Provide distribution, packaging, labeling and waybill services.